Steroid Cycles Advanced 1

Advanced Steroid Cycles
(Cycle #2: Cutting)

Anabolic Steroids - Stacks and Cycles
by: Anthony Roberts

The following cycles are not intended to be used by people who have never cycled before. You should have completed at least one or two cycles before considering the ones below.

Advanced Cycle #1-1

Advanced cycles are very different from intermediate and beginners cycles. This is because by the time a bodybuilder or athlete has reached the level where they could be rightly called advanced. They´ve probably reached a point in their career where they are very able to identify the compounds which work best fort them, as well as the dosages they respond best to. In fact, that´s almost what I would consider the defining characteristic of an advanced steroid user. Advanced users have typically done a decent amount of steroids, and know what dosages they´ll need to use in order to achieve their goals. I think in order to be considered an advanced steroid user, you must meet certain criteria: eulogy

  1. You´ve done over 5 cycles
  2. You´ve stacked 2 steroids and one other drug (an anti-estrogen, Clen, etc...) in one cycle
  3. You´ve done cycles for at least 2 different reasons (i.e. cutting, bulking, strength gain, etc& )
  4. You´ve done Post Cycle Therapy and kept more than 50% of your gains

Most of my recommendations for considering yourself an advanced steroid user are self-explanatory. The only one that I think merits additional comment is the last one (#4). Basically, my worry here is that no matter how many cycles you´ve done, if you´re losing half of your gains from each cycle, then you have a lot of work to do to figure out what you´re doing wrong after your cycles end. There´s really no way around that fact & if you´re not keeping half of your gains, then something is going wrong when you end your cycles. Before you jump into an advanced cycle, with multiple compounds and drugs, you need to get your post cycle in order. If you´re losing more than half your gains from every cycle... then something isn´t in check. You aren´t an advanced steroid user you´ve just used a lot of them. But, if you keep most of your gains from each cycle, and meet the other 3 criteria for being advanced, then this cycle is for you!

Here´s a sample of an advanced bulking cycle:

Week Testosterone
trenbolone acetate
(nandrolone decanoate)
(drostanolone propionate)
1 100mgs/EOD 100mgs/EOD   50mgs/day .5mgs/day
2 100mgs/EOD 100mgs/EOD   50mgs/day .5mgs/day
3 100mgs/EOD 100mgs/EOD   50mgs/day .5mgs/day
4 100mgs/EOD 100mgs/EOD   50mgs/day .5mgs/day
5 100mgs/EOD 100mgs/EOD   50mgs/day .5mgs/day
6 100mgs/EOD 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD 50mgs/day .5mgs/day
7 100mgs/EOD 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD   .5mgs/day
8 100mgs/EOD 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD   .5mgs/day
9 100mgs/EOD 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD   .5mgs/day
10 100mgs/EOD 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD   .5mgs/day
11 100mgs/EOD 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD   .5mgs/day
12 100mgs/EOD 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD   .5mgs/day

I´ll be honest and say that this cycle isn´t going to really "need" a couple of things that are typically seen with cutting cycles. First of all, if you take a close look at this cycle, you´ll see that the doses are low to moderate. Why is that? Well, if you´re taking in less than maintenance level calories, then you actually need less androgens, as your body will actually be far more sensitive to them.

Also, if you really examined the cycle above, you´ll probably have already noticed that only one of the compounds being used (the testosterone) will be able to convert (aromatize) into estrogen. So, in this case, the Arimidex is being included just to help get rid of a little estrogen, and make you look a little dryer on the cycle. If you should choose to include more testosterone (hey, it´s your cycle!), then you´ll still be fine. If you´re trying to get as ripped and dry as possible, then your diet is going to have to be as clean as possible, and you may consider substituting the Arimidex out for some Letrozole for the last 6 weeks. Any longer than that, while on a reduced calorie diet, and you may be running the risk of immune problems or joint pains. Letrozole can be nasty on your cholesterol too, so as I said, only include it if you must.

Now, taking a closer look at the Testosterone component of this cycle, we know that it is both anabolic as well as highly androgenic, and tends to be used in almost everyone´s off-season mass cycle. As I´m sure you already know, water retention related to testosterone with this ester is typically very low, which is why it´s included in this cycle. In a cutting cycle, testosterone is always a great base, not only for it´s anabolic properties, but because it´s a very strong androgen, and in a calorie deprived state will help keep your mood elevated.

The next drug in this cycle is trenbolone acetate - a very anabolic and very androgenic form of 19-nortestosterone. This stuff is rated as being both 5x as anabolic and 5x as androgenic as testosterone. Although it´s a bit deceiving to say it´s 5x as anabolic - because realistically, it won´t put 5x as much muscle on you as an equivalent dose of testosterone- it is a very potent drug. The really great thing about Trenbolone on a diet is that you see results almost daily with it. Sadly, it affects many people´s ability to comfortably do Cardio& but that´s the way it goes. Fortunately, since it´s such a potent androgen, you´ll remain aggressive and strong in the gym. That, of course, is a huge benefit on a cutting cycle. Since it´s also a progestin, it can cause sexual dysfunction which is another great reason to be using testosterone in this cycle. Tren binds very strongly to the Anabolic Receptor- which may possibly aid in fat loss with it.

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate also has a reasonable bind to the AR, but also has appreciable benefits for your joints- so it may be substituted for Tren if that´s an issue, but probably not used alongside it with any appreciable synergy. And of course, using either of those without Testosterone would kill your sex life.

The final anabolic steroid that makes up this cycle is Masteron, which is a highly androgenic injectable steroid that is derived from DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). Masteron does not aromatize (convert) to estrogen and in fact will help combat estrogenic sides. Of course this will aid in getting rid of some water, and since it´s DHT derived, many people find it also helps their mood on cutting cycles.

To cap off my reasoning for including Masteron, it has a receptor binding ability well above that of testosterone and Tren, due to it's being DHT-derived, which should give you a nice fat-burning effect and also give it a nice strength building component. You´ll also notice I´ve included a kickstart to this cycle, before the switch over to Masteron. For a kickstart to a cutting cycle, I think Anavar at 50mgs/day is optimum. I like the use of an oral at the beginning to see immediate results and then you can switch over to Masteron - actually I´ve included a slight overlap- after the initial results from the Anavar begin to plateau. The beauty of an "advanced" cycle is that it´s flexible. You know what your body can handle better than me, so please, modify this cycle as you need to. I like including Remember, this is your cycle, although I´d like you to follow my blueprint as closely as possible. If you need to, however, Winstrol may be a good substitution for the Anavar, dosed the same. In fact, since Winstrol binds very poorly to the androgen receptor, it may even provide some additional synergy with the Tren, which binds very strongly.

Lets be honest here& this cycle will suppresses your natural hormonal function quickly and severely. So I´m going to suggest that while the advanced user will be able to lose a ton of fat on this cycle (with a proper diet), as well as maintain most of their muscle mass, if not add some more. And of course, I´m hoping you use the PCT that I´ve written about both online as well as in my book. But remember, I´ve included as one requirement of being considered advanced, that you know how to keep at least half your gains from a given cycle. So hopefully that PCT, along with this cycle will leave you with a nice and permanent gain in leanness.

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