Steroid Cycles Intermediate 2

Steroid Cycles Intermediate 2

Advanced  Intermediate Steroid Cycles
(Cycle #2: Cutting)

Anabolic Steroids - Stacks and Cycles
by: Anthony Roberts

The following cycles are not intended to be used by people who have never cycled before. You should have completed at least one or two cycles before considering the ones below.

Intermediate Cycle #2-1

If you´re anything like me, you took a look at the title of this article and wondered what an intermediate is. It´s relatively easy to figure out what a beginner is, because chances are if you haven´t done steroids, you already know that you´re a beginner. And if you´ve been using steroids for nearly a decade (as I have), you would probably have assumed you would need an advanced cycle. But if you fall in this grey area in the middle, then you´re probably wondering what kind of cycles you need.

Well, I´m going to set up some guidelines to figure out whether you´re an intermediate, ok? You´re an intermediate if you´ve been lifting for at least 3 years and have done at least 3 cycles. And I think, to make my definition of intermediate a little easier to understand, I´ll also suggest that you need to have done at least 3 different Anabolic Steroids, and stacked them in at least one of your cycles. You with me, so far? What I´m saying is that in order to be an intermediate, you have:

  1. Done 3 cycles or more
  2. Used three different Anabolic steroids
  3. Stacked 2 steroids in at least one cycle

If you´ve done all of the above then you are (at least) an intermediate steroid user, and the cycle I´m going to outline here is for you. SO let´s take a look at a sample intermediate cutting cycle, and then I´ll give you the reasoning behind it.

Week Testosterone
trenbolone acetate Anavar or Winstrol
(oxandrolone or stanozolol)
1 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD   .5mgs/day
2 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD   .5mgs/day
3 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD   .5mgs/day
4 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD   .5mgs/day
5 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD   .5mgs/day
6 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD   .5mgs/day
7 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD   .5mgs/day
8 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD   .5mgs/day
9 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD 50mgs/day .5mgs/day
10 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD 50mgs/day .5mgs/day
11 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD 50mgs/day .5mgs/day
12 100mgs/EOD 75mgs/EOD 50mgs/day .5mgs/day

*if necessary

Ok, so what we have here is a cutting cycle that uses low(ish) amounts of anabolics. A cycle like this, which makes use of short estered products like Testosterone Propionate and trenbolone acetate will produce noticeable results almost immediately. Since this is a cutting cycle, I´ll assume some kind of calorie deficit. This is important because the body is a lot more sensitive to androgens when there´s a hypocaloric state & this is why bodybuilders who are dieting for contests seem to be able to do astonishing things with their bodies on relatively small amounts of Anabolic Steroids.

The testosterone in this cycle has a very short ester, meaning it is released into the body very rapidly after it is injected - and is therefore usually injected every day or every other day. Testosterone stacks well with anything, and produces a nice anabolic (muscle building) effect, in addition to a distinct androgenic effect. Naturally, both of these effects will work together to help you achieve a significant increase in weight-load capacity, and a gain in Body weight.

Since you´re going to have to inject the Testosterone Propionate every other day anyway, you may as well include another product that has a similar ester length. For a cutting cycle, that would probably mean using trenbolone acetate. It´s often used by bodybuilders before contests for its hardening abilities and fat metabolizing qualities. It is highly androgenic and does not aromatize, it makes a great cutting drug. It stacks well with anything, including Anavar, which is our final compound in this cycle.

Anavar is oxandrolone does not convert to estrogen at all, so water retention is quite low with this steroid (if there´s any) and gynocomastia is never reported. It is very popular for addition into a cutting cycle and provides a nice ending for this cycle, over the last four weeks, where the user may have reached a plateau in body fat loss. It´s also very good at helping users retain or even gain strength when calories are low or at just maintenance level. Its principal drawback is its price, which is why many users may opt to include Winstrol in a cycle in its place. Although Winstrol shares many of the properties that Anavar boasts, it just (anecdotally) doesn´t seem to provide as much muscle gain or strength increases. It is, however, very cheap in comparison to Anavar.

A cycle like this will give the user a lot of muscularity and loss of body fat, if a proper diet accompanies it. If your nipples get tender (a beginning sign of Gynocomastia), add in some Arimidex (anastrozole) at half a milligram every day. Clenbuterol or Ephedrine can be added into a cycle like this also, if more fat loss is needed. Clenbuterol is typically used at a dose of 20-120mcgs/day in divided doses, and Ephedrine is typically used at a dose of 20mgs 3x a day.

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